Sustainable Technologies

Safe, low cost, high-speed and eco-friendly, yet producing a wide range of polymeric films and membranes


Engineering of Interfaces

LiSo Films creates polymeric films, separators and membranes through proprietary manufacturing technologies. Our processes "uniquely" design interfaces of polymers and components.

Wet Process

Solutions of polymers/diluents are extruded into a cast sheet of phase-separated morphologies. The sheet is then oriented and extracted, high in productivity and often producing an extremely thin film of three dimensionally (3D) interconnecting nanopores. Our feedstocks are biobased, compatible and green. Their voiding mechanisms are thermally induced phase ripening (TIPR), separation (TIPS) and stress-induced cavitation. Our wet films are exceptionally uniform in structure, pore and properties.

Dry Process

Polymer melts are extruded through a flat-film die and cast into a flat sheet on a chill roll. It is then biaxially stretched. Our dry process runs at an extremely high speed, capable of producing a broad range of products; clear, opaque, porous and layered. The dry process is advantageous in that no diluents are required. Stress-induced hardening and interfacial failure are key to forming clear and porous films.


Our products deliver superior performance as barrier and permselective media, finding a wide variety of industrial applications in energy storage and harvesting- battery separator and solar cell conductive sheet, filtration, separation and purification of gases and fluids, CO2 and volatile capture, electronics, devices, structural supports, packaging, labeling, printing, clothing, drug delivery systems, bioreactor, and the like.

Li-ion Battery Separator

Solar Cell Sheet


Superior Products

LiSo Films holds a portfolio of outstanding U.S. patents, covering a broad range of novel film products and technologies. In particular, our inventions utilize (im)miscible behaviors, ubiquitous in nature, of polymer blends in production of clear, opaque and nanoporous films. All superior in productivity, performance and sustainability. Our plant-based feedstocks form a proprietary phase morphology, enabling: i) a simple, safe, low cost and eco-friendly manufacturing process and ii) a biobased separator film of non-resistivity, wettability and electrochemical safety.

Explore opportunities with our patents:

  • US 9,694,344: Mono and multilayer polymeric membrane and process; technologies of making capillary, sorbent membranes

  • US 10,363,546: Mono and multilayer polymer membrane; capillary, adsorbent and absorbent membranes of superior sorbility and strength

  • US 20180043656: Oriented mono and multilayer porous film; safe and biobased, nanoporous membrane separators and films

  • US 20240047826: Mono and multilayer porous separator film