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A R&D and service firm specialized in premium films and their manufacturing/recycling technologies

LiSo Films was established in 2015 at Charlotte, NC, a continuation of Liso Film Technology founded in 2010 at Rochester, NY. We are specialized in premium films and their manufacturing/recycling technologies. We also provide contract R&D services for development of clients' products and technologies. Our vision is to become the most innovative film manufacturer in the industry.

Our business model is to develop/sell breakthrough products to converting companies at competitive prices (B2B). Technology is a core input with priorities on market needs and potentials. LiSo Films plans disruptive alternatives, to replenish the large existing market, to create/expand new needs and to effectively manage present/future opportunities. Our commercialization approaches include licensing, seed funds, and alliances with investors.

We hold a collection of US patents and intellectual properties (IPs), ranging broadly from feedstocks to processes. Our IP strategies, including openness and flexibility, help achieve the long term goals- high profitability and competitiveness- of the company.

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Long-Standing Expertise

Ken Song, Ph.D.

Mr. Song is a senior engineer, patent agent, Chief Technology/Executive Officer (CTO/CEO), with BS in Chemical Engineering, Korea University, S. Korea and Ph.D. in Polymer Engineering, University of Akron, OH. His Ph.D. dissertation was on "polyesters films". Dr. Song holds various credentials: lean 6 sigma green/black belts from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), NY and financial, business and project management certificates from Cornell University, NY.

Dr. Song worked previously for ExxonMobil and Yale University on development of new products, processes and modeling. He also taught a Yale graduate polymer course. A prolific inventor, Dr. Song holds over 30 patents worldwide alongside extensive experiences in R&D, lean manufacture, commercialization, project and business developments, etc.

Ms. Lee is a senior accountant, Chief Finance Officer (CFO), and a co-founder of LiSo Film Technology. A certified accountant (CA), she holds BA in Accounting, SUNY, Geneseo, NY, and worked previously as a marketing specialist for the retail industry.

Ms. Lee has also been working as a project director on a variety of nanomaterials projects. A hand-on expert, she is a co-inventor and provides deep insight and experience into processing of polymeric materials and films.

Ilene Lee, CA

David Miller, Ph.D.

Mr. Miller is a senior chemist and Chief Science Officer (CSO), with BA and Ph.D. both in Chemistry, California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Pasadena, CA.

Dr. Miller was previously a chief scientist at ExxonMobil and Phillips working on development of new polymers and coatings, films, membrane separators, specialty products, etc. A brilliant chemist, he commercialized a number of his invented materials and processes, holding over 30 patents worldwide and extensive experiences in R&D, technology scale-up and commercialization, and management.