Innovative Polymer Films

Developing and commercializing cutting-edge technologies of membrane separators, polymer electrolytes and ultra-barrier films

About Us

LiSo Films is an R&D company based in Rockwell, NC, specializing in the development and commercialization of breakthrough film products: battery separators, nanoporous films, ion-selective membranes, polymer electrolytes and ultrahigh barrier films. With a focus on renewables and sustainability, we aim to revolutionize various industries from energy storage and harvesting, purification and filtration, and to packaging.

LiSo Films collaborates closely with its affiliated business, LiSo Farms of agroforestry, to uncover new concepts of renewable feedstocks.

Renewable Composition

We help address the significant challenge of state-of-the-art plastics in production, use and disposal.


LiSo Films retains a portfolio of U.S. patents and intellectual properties (IPs) on specialty films, battery separators and membranes products. Our patents cover a wide range from petroleum to bio-based, clear to nanoporous, and mono to multilayer, of products and their manufacturing processes.

We are actively searching for licensees and partners to collaborate in technology commercialization.

Technology Commercialization
Contract R&D

We are well equipped with superior, long-standing experiences and expertise in industrial manufacturing, R&D, marketing and technology commercialization. All crucial in addressing uncertainties of product development for commercialization.

Our team of experts help clients not only to develop products but also to implement, promptly and affordably, the U.S. patent process.

Sustainable Solutions

Most plastics used today are noncircular in lifecycle. Each year, about 90% of the global plastic production are thrown away into the environment posing a serious threat to livelihood. Already, everywhere in the planet are fossil-based carbon wastes. The majority refuses stay out there for several hundred years to decompose.

Our products are soybean and plant-based; renewable, recyclable and sustainable, which circulate carbon found in the atmosphere.